The Kingdom of His Will (Arrowsmith Press)


Highway Lotto” (50 Give or Take)
Welcome to the Train Wreck” (Cleaver)
“The Transfer” (Free State Review)
InConversation: Judith Baumel with Catherine Parnell” (The Brooklyn Rail)
Beautiful Joe, The Dog Who Taught Us Empathy” (Tenderly)
A Swarming Continuum” (Barnhouse)
Whiteout” (Redivider)
The Human Cost: Discussing Political Storytelling” (The Rumpus)
Women and War Literature” (The Brooklyn Rail)
At Home” (Jewish Journal)
“This” (TSR: The Southampton Review)
“Wisteria” (Post Road)
Morendo” (Baltimore Review)
Tinto” (slush pile magazine)
“The Poetry Dress Project” (excerpt from “Sirens”: Mass Poetry Festival)
Sirens” (Painted Bride Quarterly)
“Peace Comes Dropping Slow” (Consequence Magazine)
“No One Gets To Stay” (roger: an art and literary magazine)
“Why I Love Linda Jean” (Diverse Voices Quarterly) (View PDF)
“LipSex” (Another Book, Temporary Press)
“Some People Like a Bit of Color” (Stone’s Throw Magazine)
“Tranquila” (Dos Passos Review)


Dedication” (Dedicate Your Vote)
Tragically Hip” (Express the Real Me)
If It’s Heavy It’s Ripe: On Writing and Political Sentiment” (The Review Review)
“The War after the War: The Other Side of Grief: The Home Front and the Aftermath in American Narratives of the Vietnam War” (William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences)


Complicit: Shannon Cain’s The Necessity of Certain Behaviors” (Salamander Magazine,)
Three Debuts: C. D. Collins’s Blue Land, Siobhan Fallon’s You Know When the Men Are Gone, Anne Germanacos’s In the Time of the Girls” (Salamander Magazine,)
“The Island: Once the Shore by Paul Yoon” (Salamander Magazine)
“Double Indemnity: New Stories from the South edited by ZZ Packer” (Salamander Magazine)
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