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Working with website content, social networking profiles, blogs, marketing materials, and other business communications, I will review and polish your writing to ensure it is clear, correct, concise, consistent, SEO-friendly, and reflects your organization’s brand. Cost is based on length, content and number of hours required. (References available on request.)

Strategic Communications ConsultingEstablishing consistency of voice in your marketing materials reinforces consistency in your brand. I will ensure you’ve accomplished this by polishing your marketing materials as a whole.
Promotional Brochures Brochures act as ambassadors for new business, expressing your company’s goals and offering information to potential customers in a way no other marketing piece can. I will help you craft your message as well as proofread and edit your brochure.
Article WritingI specialize in writing original and compelling articles for magazines and newsletters.
Web Site ContentYour Web site is the first impression prospective customers and clients receive, and visitors to your Web site should receive a strong and positive sense of who you are, what you do, and why they should select your product. I will work with you on your Web content to ensure that you strike the best balance in tone and style, and that your copy is clear, well-structured, original and engaging.
Web Copy OptimizationBeyond proofreading and editing for content, correctness and flow, I will also research the applicable keywords per page and apply them seamlessly to your copy so that your website appeals to readers and optimizes searches. I will frame your headers and anchor text (linkable text) to improve functionality and increase visibility. My SEO copywriting for websites, press releases, and blogs engages customers in informative writing and falls within parameters to reach the top of Google search — earning you business and customers.
Blog WritingThe best way to keep a website fresh in the eyes of both search engines and visitors is to write and post new articles to your site or blog. This is a great way to expand your reach online, establish yourself or your business as an authority in your field, and reach new clients and customers. I will cover your selected topic in a blog post in a clear and compelling way.
Social Networking SupportGrowing your social network is a necessary component of a successful business, and often takes the constant upkeep and attention of a dedicated team member. I will provide the editorial support you need to grow your Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking profiles so you can focus on more pressing business needs.
Editing Training Manuals and GuidesWhether writing an instruction booklet for a hi-tech device, a training manual for operational procedures, or a guide to expected workplace behavior, it is imperative that every step be clearly laid out and easily understood by the widest possible audience. A final edit and proofread is essential to ensure clarity, consistency and, above all, accessibility. I have extensive experience editing manuals and guides.
Event PlanningI am an event planner who's worked with multiple constituencies — businesses, non-profits, and arts organizations — assessing needs and presenting ideas and solutions. I've worked with suppliers, contractors, employees, and wait staff to ensure your event is the best it can be.
English-to-EnglishFor non-native speakers, or foreign businesses looking to improve their colloquialism for US clients, I will revise your press releases, website, or promotional materials for correct usage and in the voice or style you prefer.

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