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Working with manuscripts, first chapters, essays, short stories and more, I will provide feedback and strengthen your writing to ensure it is clear, accessible and engaging. From copy-editing to creative guidance, basic fixes to massive overhauls, I will provide a quote for editing services. Cost is based on length, content and number of hours required. (References available on request.)

Manuscript ReviewOnce your manuscript is complete, you should have someone read and review it. I will evaluate your document and provide honest, constructive feedback on the overall concept and execution of your manuscript, with questions and suggestions for further work. I'll also provide a letter detailing suggestions.
Developmental EditingDevelopmental editing looks at the manuscript as a whole and focuses on structure, coherence, and organization. Material may need to be added, removed, or reorganized. (Depending on the project, some ghostwriting may be necessary.) A critique will be provided in the form of a thorough evaluation addressing structure, flow and content, narrative arc, prose, characters, or any element you request. I will provide a marked-up digital copy of your manuscript with suggestions.
GhostwritingWhether you need someone to spice up your words, add material to your manuscript, or write a book description, I can help. From blog posts to press releases to book reviews, I specialize in adding what's needed to writing projects.
Book Synopsis writingA synopsis is a key element of the submissions and publication process, and a well-written synopsis can be difficult to write if you've been working on your manuscript for a long time. A fresh perspective is often required. I will read your manuscript and craft a synopsis for use in querying agents and publishers.
First Chapter ReviewThe opening chapter of your manuscript must hook and intrigue the reader enough to continue reading. I will review your first chapter (up to 7,500 words) and point out what's working and what might be improved.
Short Story/EssayI will provide a manuscript consultation, including an editorial commentary on craft and content. Margin comments and a detailed critique letter will address any issues, and I will, if requested, offer advice on how and where to publish.
Copy-editing/Line-editingCopy-editing (also known as line-editing) focuses on the content, clarity, and consistency of your manuscript. (Improving sentence structure is common.) This is technical editing only, with no input on style or content, and I will provide a marked-up digital copy of your manuscript with suggested edits.
ProofreadingProofreading is the last step in the editing process, focusing on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I will review your manuscript and provide a marked-up digital copy noting any issues.
MFA Application ReviewI will provide a close reading and detailed commentary of your MFA application, including the work sample (short story, novel excerpt or chapter, or personal essay) and your personal statement.
College Application ReviewThe college application process is stressful and unnerving for the applicant and his/her parents. I will meet with the applicant, discuss essay and personal statement topics, and provide detailed comments on the essay and personal statement.
Speaking Engagements/ReadingsIn addition to editorial services and one-on-one coaching sessions, I'm often invited to speak at universities and on panels. I read from my own work on a regular basis, and I organize readings and panel presentations for nationally recognized authors.
Writing CoachWith coaching, you can define your mission and choose projects that serve your greater purpose. Learn to set measurable and attainable goals, and to honestly assess your strengths and needs. From one session to an ongoing coaching relationship, I can help you carry out a successful creative project, or discover a new direction for your work.

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